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7 Signs Your Church Is (Finally) Reaching Unchurched People

If you don’t deal with it, they will leave. Churched people have learned to live with hypocrisy for years. That game is up.

And that’s actually good news for all of us. Remember, God doesn’t use perfect people. He uses broken people.

That’s how you got here. That’s how everyone gets here.

It’s about time we got honest about it at the congregational level.

7. You See Real Life-Change

This is the best part, of course. When life-change is happening, people end up in radically different places than they were even a year or two ago.

That’s not surprising. Unchurched people have really only one motive left for being at church: They want to investigate Jesus. And when they do, it changes many—deeply.

Sure, not everyone decides to follow Christ. But then there are many people who have attended church their whole life who have managed to resist transformation.

When it comes to unchurched people, measure change over several years and you’ll be amazed at the progress.

What’s the best test for spiritual maturity? I share some thoughts on that here.

Sometimes even if you’re reaching new people regularly, attendance can feel like you’re pouring water into a leaky bucket. There are new people every week, but you just can’t seem to grow past a certain size.

You’re not alone. And the good news is that the problem is very fixable.

I show you and your leaders exactly how to scale the eight most common church growth barriers that stunt the growth of most churches at 200, 300 or even 500 people.

To learn more or gain instant access to my course Breaking 200 Without Breaking You, click here.

See Any Signs?

So these are seven signs that show you’re actually connecting with unchurched people.

What have you seen?

This article about reaching the unreached originally appeared here.

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