Offense and Bitterness

It doesn’t matter who we’re leading in the different seasons of our lives, there will always be opportunities for offense and bitterness to creep in.

Offense and Bitterness

Many times, leadership wears on people. It can become monotonous and labor-some, sometimes to the point where we want to give up.

That’s why it’s so important that we view leading as God’s gift to help us grow in love and humility. If we have the correct mindset about why we’re leading, then we will be able to lead long-term with a joyful heart and avoid offense toward God and the people we’re leading.

It’s also important that we remember that any situation or circumstance that arises can be resolved if we keep our eyes fixed on Him and pursue Him based on the truth of His word.

Today you might find yourself in one of the hardest situations of your life. It might feel like you’ll never be free from the offense or bitterness that has crept into your heart. You may be surrounded by some very challenging people that the Lord has called you to lead in this season.

I promise you that God has a way out and if you seek Him with all your heart and search His word, you will find it. If you’re struggling with offense toward God or people or with bitterness over issues you’ve encountered as a leader, I want to assure you, there is a way out.

In humility, turn to God and ask Him for help.

This may sound overly simplistic, but I can tell you from experience that things will begin to change as you pray. Acknowledge His wisdom and perfect leadership over your life and ask Him to align your mind with truth. Let His Word minister its healing power to your soul and spirit.

As my years of worship leading continue to go by, I am seeing more and more reasons why God has given me my team. As worship leaders, He has given us such an amazing opportunity. If you’ve been leading for a while, maybe you’ve already realized the “burden of leadership,” but I want to invite you into a fresh understanding and perspective that it’s one of the best gifts God has given you.

When issues arise within your worship team, instead of grumbling about them, thank God for the gift of leadership that you’ve been given. Ask Him to give you grace and wisdom regarding how to best deal with the issue or person and ask Him to give you His heart in the midst of it.

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