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13 Evidences of the Transforming Power of the Gospel

13 Evidences of the Transforming Power of the Gospel

This post is really simple. I’ve been thinking about people I’ve known over the years who were dramatically changed by the gospel—and I want you to know some of their stories. I’ve chosen to use only their first initials, but they know who they are.

  1. C. He was my dad. We prayed for him for 30+ years, and God grabbed his heart when my dad was in his early 70s (see the story here). Words cannot adequately describe how much he was changed.
  2. M. She was really young when she got saved, but her persistent faithfulness over 50+ years is evidence of God’s saving and sustaining power. Today, she’s a pastor’s wife.
  3. T. Saved out of the background of another world faith, T made a life-changing commitment when he heard about Jesus and saw Him modeled in others.
  4. G. He was one of the hardest, harshest men I’d ever met until the Spirit of God melted him. He became one of the most faithful members of my first church.
  5. C. I met her long after she became a believer, but she modeled for us what it means to be fully committed to Christ. Her servant heart was unbelievable.
  6. L. As a kid, he seemed almost out of control during church services. When the Lord saved him, though, he threw his enthusiasm into honoring Him. “Redeemed energy” is cool to behold.
  7. T. I still remember the night he surrendered his heart to Jesus. In his living room talking with an evangelist, he said “yes” to Jesus. Everything changed for him then.
  8. A. Drugs and alcohol couldn’t stand in the way of God’s grace in his life. Freed from addiction, he now regularly leads others to know Jesus.
  9. M. His girlfriend invited him to church, where he heard the true gospel for the first time. His life would never be the same after God pursued him.
  10. R. In one of the few instances I’ve seen like this, she called the church to see if someone would come tell her about Jesus. Eventually, she led her entire family to follow Christ.
  11. C. He was a college student when God intervened in his life, saved him, and gave him victory over lusts and addictions that had consumed him.
  12. A. He turned to Christ when a missionary told him the gospel. His faith cost him, but he pressed on with perseverance.
  13. N. All of his plans changed when he met Jesus and gave him his life. Today, he’s a missionary in Asia.

What’s my point today? It’s simply to offer encouragement, hope, and prayers for all of us who are seeking to lead others to Jesus. He still changes lives.

This article about the power of the gospel originally appeared here.