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12 Ways To Respond in a Spiritual Rut

spiritual rut

I wrote yesterday about signs to see if you’re in currently in a spiritual rut. Today, here are some options for getting out of the rut:

1. Make a list of God’s blessings in your life. Even 15 minutes of “blessing listing” can begin to turn your heart back toward God.

2. Get a prayer partner who will pray with you each day for two weeks. The accountability will help you, and the ongoing practice will remind you of the power of prayer.

3. Speak the truth of your heart to God. Don’t be afraid to be honest with God. He knows you’re in the rut, and He will respond to your cries.

4. Confess your sin to someone. I don’t believe confession to another person is necessary for forgiveness, but there’s strength in being honest with someone who’s looking you in the eye.

5. Stay involved in—or get involved in—small groups and worship. I doubt you’ll get out of a rut on your own. Small groups give you fellowship, and worship gives you focus.

6. Slow your Bible reading enough to record insights you gain each day. That might mean you read less, but you consider the text more deeply. Quantity of reading will come when the quality of your reading increases.

7. Fast for at least one meal each of the next two weeks. Instead of eating, use that time to read the Word and pray. Meditate on God’s majesty and goodness rather than on food.

8. Make yourself minister to someone less fortunate than you. Doing something like serving the poor, ministering to the sick, visiting the lonely, and evangelizing the lost because that’s what Jesus expects us to do can get your eyes off the rut.

9. Use an app to memorize at least one Scripture each week. You’ll find joy in this accomplishment, and the Word will grab your heart. My students at Southeastern Seminary often use Fighter Verses or Scripture Typer.

10. Ask your pastor and friends to recommend a book to help you focus on God again. If you’re not a reader, look for an audio book. I often turn to J.I. Packer’s Knowing God.

11. Exercise regularly and eat well. Sometimes, just taking care of ourselves better can lead to spiritual renewal.

12. Sing more. Don’t worry about who hears you – just sing God’s praises. I’m sure my neighbors have looked at me when I’m working outside and singing aloud with the praise choruses in my AirPods.

What steps have you used to get out of a spiritual rut?

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