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God’s Kingdom Story: What Story Are You Telling?

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The Kingdom Story

We all love a good story. We are hardwired for them. God’s kingdom story is the one you were made for. Our world is filled with stories, all fiercely competing for our loyalty.

Politics tells a story.

Corporations tell a story.

Pornography tells a story.

Dysfunctional families tell a story.

Trauma tells a story.

Entertainment tells a story.

There are lots of stories.

But there is one story, above all of the others, and it is the kingdom story. It is the genuine story that our hearts long for and the one God invites us to participate in.

When we pray “your kingdom come . . . on earth as it is in heaven,” we are requesting that our lives align with Abba’s kingdom story. Prayer is not about getting what we want, as though we are spoiled 6-year-olds pestering our mom for more Legos or dolls.

Prayer is about participating in Abba’s kingdom story.

Prayer is about proclaiming Abba’s kingdom story.

Prayer is about personifying Abba’s kingdom story.

Prayer is about pursuing Abba’s kingdom story.

You are called to participate in Abba’s kingdom story:1

  • Abba alone is King
  • Abba is now ruling in King Jesus.
  • The Church, or Abba’s kids, is now a family of Jews and Gentiles that are incorporated into King Jesus and governed by his gracious rule.
  • Freedom from sin and death, along with forgiveness from sin, is granted through King Jesus.
  • Abba’s rule in King Jesus will be made complete in his future, final kingdom on earth where Abba’s kids will rule and reign with Jesus.

What Is the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is an expression that communicates that Abba is invading the earth to challenge and correct the corrupted rule of human kings that are under the influence of dark powers.2 In Messiah Jesus, Abba is now ruling, and his kingdom rule is redeeming, regenerating, rescuing, justifying, reconciling, and transforming people to bear a resemblance to Jesus on the earth.3 This divine invasion is what it means to pray and request God’s kingdom to come to earth.

The kingdom has come near because Jesus is the kingdom of God. So what does the kingdom of God look like?