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6 Ways to Love People Like Jesus Did

Love like Jesus

Over the years, I’ve explored the life of Jesus, and here’s what I’ve learned about his approach to loving humanity. Now I want to love people like Jesus did. It is vital to reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus for humanity. Jesus continues to be my greatest source of inspiration for living life the way I do. There was a time when my faith made no practical sense in the real world. Ironically, I think my experience in childhood of institutional Christianity blinded me from seeing the life that Jesus modeled, a life filled with compassion and commitment to justice.

It wasn’t until college that I began to read more intently the thoughts of my heroes like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and a handful of others that I realized that Jesus’ life had shaped their worldview and practice of human care, to to love people like Jesus did.

6 Ways to Love People Like Jesus Did

1. Love does not discriminate or require prerequisites.

 Jesus gravitated to the margins of society and spent significant time with those who were considered the fringe of culture. He did not center his attention on the most powerful, popular, or polished. Jesus did not place a standard on the kinds of people he would love and care for. In fact, if he did have bias, it was towards those who were ignored, discarded, or undervalued. How biased or selective is your love?

2. Care is not just talk. It must be tangible.

Talk was cheap to Jesus. He did not spend his time talking about how compassionate he was. Jesus embodied love in this world in a way that always considered the physical and spiritual needs of people. While it may be nice to tell others about our hearts for compassion via social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, it’s ultimately our actions that provide care for people. What can you do today to bring tangible care to a fellow human being?

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