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Does Same Sex Attraction Disqualify Someone From Ministry?

Same Sex Attraction

We’ve all seen the ever-increasing barrage of Christian posts, comments and opinions about the LGBT movement in America. Many have responded with angry rebuttals and a fearful cowering to a culture that so openly celebrates and affirms same sex sexual activity and marriage. Others, even whole denominations, are joining the culture in celebrating and affirming same sex sexual activity and marriage. Then there’s the question of same sex attraction but not same sex activity. So, who holds the right perspective?

Does Same Sex Attraction Disqualify Someone From Ministry?

The Bible states that the only place for God-honoring sexual activity is within the confines of a marriage between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:23–25). God never changes his mind on marriage and sexuality because there are such beautiful realities about him on display in it. Therefore, we cannot afford to change our minds about it, either. But does the Bible speak about same sex attraction as something different?

A response of angry fist-shaking and fearful finger-pointing does not reveal that we are standing humbly and confidently in an unshakable gospel. Instead, it shows the world that our hope was ultimately in a system of government and a shrouded sense of prioritized American citizenship. Joining the cultural celebration of homosexual activity and marriage does not prove that we are more advanced or loving; it shows we have abandoned the biblical teaching and regressed from the love embodied and called for in the gospel. We must be courageous enough to stand on the Bible and advance sacrificial gospel love without fear, and without anger.

Back to the Bible

If we could overcome our natural responses of fear and anger, we could again stand on the sure foundation of what Scripture actually says. The problem is that too often we do not appeal to the Bible for answers, but rather to our emotions. Many of us miss the fact that same sex sexual activity was a reality 2,000 years ago, and are surprised when it occurs now (1 Corinthians 6:9–11).

This is not an us versus them issue, because there are people—God-fearing, Christ-exalting people—living with same sex attraction in many of our churches. Is there a place for people with same sex attraction in the church? How about in your church? Could there even be a place for same sex attracted people to serve and lead in ministry?