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Why Leadership Is Hard (and How to Find Your Balance)

leadership is hard

If I know anything, I know that leadership is hard. I have a hard time leading myself, let alone being a catalyst for others to grow, get plugged in and develop. Sometimes I wonder, “Why am I qualified or called to be a leader?” I for sure don’t have it all together. I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth this morning, let alone where I see my ministry or business in five years.

Do you feel the same? In over your head? Overwhelmed?

Why Leadership Is Hard

Leadership is hard because it requires constant maintenance and attention. I wish vision could be cast once, team building could happen once a year, and everyone on the team would just buy in.

But that’s similar to a married couple confessing their love for each other on their wedding day and never again. If you’re married, you know that doesn’t work. Every day—rather, multiple times a day—commitment and care needs to be expressed for a relationship to work.