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The Most Powerful Worship Song You Will Ever Sing

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This is the most powerful worship song you’ll ever sing because sometimes there’s a lyric that just smacks you in the face and roots your life back in reality.

One of those phrases is from the worship song “Unbroken Praise” by Matt Redman. It goes like this:

“Let my deeds outrun my words. Let my life outweigh my song.”

Ouch. I feel so often I can stress and strive for my art to get recognized—for people to love my worship leading. For the church to love my songs. For people to appreciate what I make. But in reality, I would rather be known for my life than for the art I create.

So much of this has been said before. Especially from a writer like Redman.

Coming back to the heart of worship

Now to live the life …

A life of worship isn’t new information. It’s on the t-shirts.

If our lives don’t back up our worship songs, it’s empty.

Worship leaders, if our personal worship doesn’t outshine the stages we stand on, we’re missing the point.

But what is the answer? To stop singing altogether?

That’s like telling someone who doesn’t eat healthy to stop eating. For a season, that may be good. We call that a fast. But a better long term strategy is to start eating better.

Or it’s similar to a runner who knows all about running—what shoes to buy, how to stretch, the ins and outs of training, and the psychology of marathons, but doesn’t actually run. It’s a head knowledge without practice.

This Worship Song … I Surrender All?

On our new record, we’ve arranged a cover of the hymn “I Surrender All.” This is a worship song I’ve struggled to sing my whole life. It’s a frustrating, annoying song. Not because it’s old or the melody is archaic, but because it’s such a massive commitment. It’s impossible to sing half-heartedly.