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9 Lessons on Worship EVERYONE Need to Learn

9 Lessons Young Worship Leaders Need to Learn

There are 9 key lessons on worship I think every young worship leader needs to learn.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember my heart racing, tears flowing and my life changing. It was the day I experienced the presence of God for the first time. Sure, I had been in church many times before. But this time was different. This time I felt the love of God sweep over me like never before. I could sense His presence. I caught a glimpse of His glory.

And I’m not one to get emotionally overwhelmed by things. I’m much more analytical. But this was different. This was the call of God. This was an awakening from death to life. When I think on that moment, it reminds me that those moments are happening all the time. This is why we all need lessons on worship, because with every song we choose, every word we speak, every service we lead, destinies can be altered.

These are the kinds of things I wish I was told when I started leading worship. Which is why I compiled this list. If you’d like, share this with the young worship leaders you’re working with.

Nine Lessons on Worship

1. You Don’t Need to Make Something Happen

Powerful worship doesn’t depend on your ability to work up a room and be a charismatic leader. The Holy Spirit is moving. Jesus is glorious. All you need to do is highlight that. And get out of the way.

2. Worship Leading Is About Worship and Leadership

You need to be a worshiper. But that’s not enough. The stage isn’t the place for your own personal worship. You need to lead people and facilitate others’ encounters with God.

3. Serve Your Church, Not Your Ego

You are a part of a local church. It’s not a place to trumpet your own awesomeness or to do what you want. You’re there to serve a lead pastor’s vision and to passionately be a part of it.

4. Choose Songs That Are Good for Your People

Don’t just choose songs you like or even just songs that are popular. Choose songs based on what they say and the faith they build in people. Think pastorally. What do your people need to say and sing?