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What Faith Is, and Is Not


On November 14, 2019, Nanci wrote the following in her journal:

Today I am thinking about “faith.” I have learned so much about faith.

What faith is not:

– Trying to gather as much hope and “possibilities” in my own mind to reach a certain level

– Believing in that level of possibilities as hard as I can

– Presenting that package of my own hopes and dreams to God as my personal qualification to receive my hopes and dreams

– God weighing the level of that package in order to determine the level of His answer to my prayers

– If I work up enough hope on my own, God will answer my prayers according to my wishes

What faith is:

– A deep and continued study of the character and work of God Almighty

– A deep and continued discipline of prayer—listening to the Holy Spirit—praying Scripture—seeking forgiveness—asking for enlightenment—praising Him for His character and works

– Then, based upon the above, submitting your requests to God Almighty—placing your well-grounded knowledge of His character and works into each request, always asking His will be done

Faith is being assured that God Almighty always acts according to His character and works. He never waivers. You can trust in God Almighty to always do the right thing. Nothing slips through His grid. God has everything planned, and all His plans will succeed.

The more I understand God’s character and works, the stronger my faith will be, and the more I want His will to be done.

God does all things well.

The more I understand God’s:

– Omniscience

– Omnipotence

– Grace

– Mercy

– Justice/worth

– Immanence

– Immutability

– Faithfulness

– Love

– Unity—Trinity

– Holiness

The more my faith in Him will calm my soul.

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