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One Thing Every Church Should Include in Pastor Compensation

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Many pastors are underpaid, not just for the specific kind of work they do, they flat aren’t paid enough! In that context, should I really bring up something that churches should ADD to pastor compensation? Yes, one reason being that so few churches even consider this need that personally cost pastors hundreds of dollars each year.

So what’s this line item every pastor should have in their compensation packages? A book allowance.

That’s right, a book allowance.

Include a Book Allowance in Pastor Compensation

Books are a key tool your pastor uses to continue his education and to expand and deepen his knowledge. No, he didn’t learn everything he needed to know to preach, teach, or shepherd a church while in seminary. In fact, your pastor will likely be the first person to tell you he has much to learn, and a key way of learning what he doesn’t know and what he needs to know is by reading.

It’s not the only way, and it’s not the most important book he needs, but many pastors spend at least a few hundred dollars out of their own pockets every year buying and delving into books to help them learn.