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Loneliness in the Church – 8 Reasons Why

loneliness in the church

First, I am grateful to Dr. Albert Mohler and his daily “Briefing” that alerted me to a U.S. Surgeon General study on loneliness that gave rise to this post. As I read about an “epidemic of loneliness” in North America, I was reminded that even believers are susceptible to this problem: loneliness in the church. Here are some reasons why:

Loneliness in the Church

1. We don’t understand creation.

God created us with a need for other human beings (Gen 2:18). We need Him, and we need others who help us experience Him and His love. When we don’t recognize our God-given need for others, it’s easy to slip into isolation and hiding.

2. No one has taught us a biblical understanding of fellowship.

Fellowship is much more than food; it’s the gathering of God’s people for the task of provoking each other to good works (Heb 10:24). If we miss this point, however, we too often reduce fellowship to a self-centered focus. That’s lonely.