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Pastors: 7 Reminders for Christmas Season Planning

Christmas season planning

I want to share some quick reminders for pastors regarding Christmas season planning. You already know all of these, but sometimes we get so busy with all the season’s activities that we failed to do some of the more important things. If you are intentional, Christmas can be one of your church’s best momentum-building times of the year.

7 Reminders for Christmas Season Planning

1. Recruit new volunteers.

You can onboard people easier during the Christmas season. Much like Easter, especially with vision-casting, church members will understand the need for new volunteers during a busier season. Use this as an advantage to get more people into key roles, but also as a discipleship tool knowing that people who serve are in a better position to be growing personally.

2. Ask members to sacrifice. 

Christmas affords you a unique opportunity to ask your most committed people to serve in ways they may not otherwise. It is important to be fully staffed from the parking lot to the baby room. You will need extra greeters. People need to be willing to give up “their” seat for visitors. I personally believe you should always be thinking for your guests every Sunday. You should plan every detail you possibly can for them to experience excellence. In times where there are more visitors this is even more important.

Pastors, this is an excellent time to vision-cast about the guest experience you want to create. Make it a big deal, because it is a big deal.

3. Let the story be the story. 

As a pastor, I feel the pressure of the Christmas message. The fact that it is so well known and a part of the culture only adds to the pressure. My best advice is don’t try to find the new twist you’ve never shared. People watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas every year for a reason. “It’s a Wonderful Life” never gets old for some and Elf for others.

The story of a baby, born to a Virgin, and laid in a manger is timeless. You don’t have to find something new.