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5 Great Ways To Grow Your Leadership


In order to grow stronger churches, we need to become better leaders. It’s a continual process and we never arrive. How are you growing and becoming better?

Simply because we are actively leading doesn’t mean we are becoming better leaders. It’s easy to be busy in doing good, but not getting better.

We can fall into a routine of doing the same things, in the same way, with the same people. This pattern keeps us busy but not moving forward. Change is always required to see progress.

The goal isn’t change for the sake of change and it’s not to change everything. We need to ask the question: What needs to change to see our vision become reality? And that change requires us to grow and become better leaders.

There are four parts to this process of growth.

Learning new things. This can seem daunting with the idea of “nothing new under the sun” in our minds. But if we remain curious, learning new things comes naturally. The new things aren’t always about the church or leadership, remaining open to a larger awareness always enhances your leadership.

Unlearning things we have known. I read a book by Adam Grant titled Think Again. What an eye opener to the idea of unlearning ideas that aren’t true, or are not accurate, and keeping our mind open to a more accurate perspective. For example, as medical science makes progress we unlearn what we once thought was the best practice and embrace more accurate (often life-saving) information.

Relearning things we know but at a new level. This is the most common need. We have a broad base of leadership skills from communication to recruiting and from conflict management to empowering new leaders, and many others. But we must constantly relearn the leadership skills we already know at higher, more complex and nuanced levels as culture shifts and our churches grow.

Gaining wisdom to apply what we know. Finally, there are many things we already know but don’t practice. I know that’s true for me. How about you? What do you already know that you haven’t yet put to good use?

That’s a quick glance at the overall process, and here are five specific ways you can focus on how to grow your leadership.

5 Great Ways To Grow Your Leadership:

1. The Fastest Way To Grow Your Leadership Is To Solve Problems.

The leader who can see and solve problems will always be in need.

Leaders who can clearly identify and solve complex problems that others cannot see or solve will more consistently lead organizations to breakthroughs and into new territory.