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4 Practical Insights To Strengthen Your Confidence as a Leader

We all spend the vast majority of our lives in only two environments, home and work. The healthy or unhealthy nature of both have a major impact on our resilience. The people you are closest to either contribute to a greater or poorer state of health in those environments.

Make wise choices and invest well in the people closest to you and the environments where you live and work.

4. Confidence Requires Practice and Experience To Lead Larger and Farther.

With the first three points serving as a foundation, we can address the obvious relevance of competence and its relationship to confidence.

When a batter is getting on base, hitting some doubles, triples and even a few homeruns, that is a tremendous boost to confidence.

Some leadership competence is natural, but most of it comes from diligent practice of skills that you can’t do until you can.

You can practice on your own, and you may need the help of a good coach, but growth always starts with two things:

  • Your passion and desire to pay the price
  • Identifying exactly what skill you need and want to improve.

What skill are you practicing?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.