So Why Isn't The Local Church Invited To Very Many Parties?

TRUE: The local church used to be the center of culture and now culture is running circles around the church. FALSE: This is a problem...

Sunday Night Reflections

A few thoughts on a great day at NewSpring Church… God changed the message for this weekend on FRIDAY…to be honest, I am always nervous...

missionSHIFT: Introducing Randy Nabors

Randy Nabors is the pastor of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His goal in life is "To live out Philippians 1:20 & 21,...

Becoming a Leader Who Makes a Difference

Do you have the kind of heart God wants?

Qualities of a Successful Leader

A leader should listen to "disagreeing followers"

Facilities And Environment Affect Worship

There are a LOT of physical factors to consider in improving worship in your church.

Important Qualities That Define A Leader

What qualities define a leader?

How To Nurture Staff Relationships

Your staff is made up of - - people

Become a Chief Listening Officer

Great ideas come from listening to others

Pain – Part Three

My last thought for this week on the subject of pain… #3 – Pain Can Be God Testing Us Everyone LOVES to talk about the blessings...

How to Become an Excellent Listener

5 keys to excellent listening

Important Qualities That Define a Leader

The idea of a leader is definitively complex, and it has spawned many a book, seminar, and opinion on the subject. Some hold that...

The Leadership Art of Influencing Others

Leaders do extra to prepare for leading

Simplicity Is Not As Simple As It Sounds

Intentionality + discipline = simplicity

Bad Rules Are Bad For Team Member Loyalty

Studies prove that loyalty is lucrative

Leaders Do Not Need to Fall Short of Their Goals

Productive leaders have 3-5 well-written goals

Defining Your Personal Leadership Vision

Is your personal vision clear?

The Capacity To Be Creative As A Leader

Fear, guilt & ignorance are creativity stoppers

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3 Reasons a Christian Should Drink Alcohol

When it comes whether a Christian should drink alcohol, the Bible couldn’t be clearer or more direct.

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