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6 Things Mom Taught Me About Church

3. Send the babies to the nursery.

Back in those days, we didn’t have “children’s church.” All we had was a nursery for the babies, and my mom thought they should go.

To her, there was nothing more rude than parents allowing a screaming baby to interrupt the worship of the congregation. She knew babies weren’t getting anything out of the sermon, so get them out where they could have a little fun!

Please, leave us to worship in peace and quiet.

I thought about my mom last Sunday, sitting behind a young couple with a screaming baby who just sat there, and sat there, and sat there. (You know the kind of parents that can’t POSSIBLY leave their children with anyone else?)

What did the pastor preach about? I can’t remember…

4. If you show up late, sit in the back.

Mom thought church wasn’t the same as a movie, concert or classroom. It was holy, and we needed to respect that.

Although 99 percent of the time our family sat on the front row, if we showed up late for any reason, we sat in the back. She would never distract anyone from my dad’s message by walking down the aisle after the service had started.

By the way—I hope the lady who came in last week during our time of quiet reflection and walked to the front row apparently wearing tap shoes is reading this…

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