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6 Things Mom Taught Me About Church

5. Bring your Bible.

My mom’s motto was, “Buy a Bible, read it and underline it.” She never understood how people could come to church without their Bible.

To her, it was like showing up at a baseball game without a bat. I’ve tried the “pew Bible” and Bible apps on my iPad, but for me, I can’t get my mom’s rule out of my head, so I bring the real thing—marked up and all.

6. Sunday school matters.

Remarkably few churches have Sunday school programs anymore, and I’m often surprised at the number of church members who think a weekly sermon is enough.

Mom felt that we needed to go deeper, and Sunday school was that place. Obviously, that was before many churches started to encourage small groups—although most small groups I’ve attended are more about “reflection,” “what’s new in my life” and “sharing.”

My mom would probably puke.

At the time, I thought I’d been switched at birth, and my mom was an evil witch, but now, I’m starting to see she might have been pretty smart.

Let me know what you think. Crazy? Smart? Or something in between?

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