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8 Healthy Ways to Deal With It When Leadership is Lonely

6. Protect your team

Whatever you do, protect your team from either experiencing the effects of your frustration in loneliness or going through loneliness of their own. Make sure you do not dump your troubles on their shoulders and thus give them too much of a burden to bear. Sure, it’s good to be open to a certain point and share with your team. You don’t have to pretend leadership is a walk in the park either, but protect them from the brunt of it. And make sure they know how to deal with the loneliness on their level of leadership as well.

7. Protect your heart from bitterness

Especially in times of extreme loneliness, it’s easy to let your heart grow bitter. ‘Nobody understands me, nobody knows what I have to put up with every day, nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…’ Don’t allow your leadership to make you arrogant or bitter; guard your heart closely in these matters.

8. Share your loneliness with God

‘Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen; nobody knows but Jesus.’

No matter what you’re going through, no matter how deep your feelings of loneliness, never forget that Jesus is right there with you. He knows all about loneliness, about nobody understanding Him, about dealing with critics and false accusations, and having to make tough decisions that nobody could help Him with. Jesus knows what you’re going through at all times, so share your burden with Him. You’ll find it becomes lighter after that!