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20 Hidden Killers in Your Ministry

6. Discipleship

Too many congregations believe discipleship equates to head knowledge, when it is really a lifelong process of spiritual growth focused on the Triune God. Thus, many people connected with congregations never grow deep enough in their faith so that it is evidenced by a Christ-like lifestyle.

7. Relationships

Deep relationships in a congregational community are important. Yet, too many people equate close relationships with a closed circle of relationships. The active participants of congregations have too many people with whom they only have face familiarity, not deep friendships.

8. Shallow

Too many conversations in congregations are shallow. We are afraid to go deep. We are afraid of being marginalized if we say what we really think about the Bible, theological issues, ethical dilemmas, or what makes up a moral or immoral lifestyle. Congregations need deep dialogue.

9. Life

Life happens. Life can be tough. Church is a place where we should deal with life issues. However, there is a really big difference between, in humility, bringing our life issues to a loving congregational community and abusing a church because of our anger over our life issues.

10. Tenure

The longer the average person has been connected to a congregation, the more they see things primarily from their own perspective or the perspective of their best friends. This leads to a lack of openness to transition, change and innovation. The age of a person is not a factor.

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