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Why Women Don’t Like Women’s Ministry

The ladies luncheons and bridge circles found in sororities and women’s clubs matriculated into the church as an alternative for those seeking community within the church.

The advance of women’s rights, liberation and burning bras created a new woman with the choice to pursue education and a degree or pursue the option of homemaking [or both]. The social climate was changing, but the church remained stagnant, doing what they have always done to reach the same people in their homogenous culture.

Fast-forward to today.

Thankfully, most women aren’t burning their bras, and most women shave their underarms. But the evolved woman within the city-center-based church no longer feels connected or in need of social circles or bridge games.

The desire to partake in evangelism, leadership and mobilization has grown to include seasoned women in their 60s, business professionals in their 50s, engaged mobilizers with resources in their 40s, passionate women in their 30s, relentless youth in their 20s and even younger.

I’ve seen the power of women coming together for the common good and it’s beautiful.

To love the broken.

To feed the hungry.

To believe in faith.

To heal the hurting.

To encourage the saints.

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