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Discover the 5 LOVE Languages of Pastors

4. Compliments about children.

There are times that I really feel sorry for my three kids.

They are really good kids, but they aren’t perfect. They live in a glass house, and any wrong move they make usually gets the attention of a church member.

But I have a few church members who go out of their way to tell me the good about my children. One sincere compliment about one of my three kids will make my day.

5. Defenders.

You know, I deal with critics, and I realize that in any leadership position, you will have critics.

My greatest hurt takes place when my supporters remain silent in the face of intense criticism toward me. They are more afraid of rocking the boat than speaking the truth.

But I have one guy in the church who will always speak a defending word for me unless he thinks I’m wrong. Then he speaks to me privately. I could use a dozen church members like that.

Pastors, are these five your love languages as well? What would you add to the list?

Church members, do you speak love languages to your pastor? Tell us your stories.

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