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33 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas To Make Them Feel Loved

volunteer appreciation ideas

Volunteers are the lifeblood of your church. In fact … your church literally wouldn’t exist without them! Often it’s small actions that show your volunteers you appreciate them.

Why not pick a few of these volunteer appreciation ideas off this list and try them this weekend at your church?

The first step toward building healthy volunteer teams is making sure that your existing team members feel appreciated!

33 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas To Make Them Feel Loved

1. At the beginning of every “shift,” make sure team leaders cast vision for “why” the service of the volunteers are critical to the vision of the church.

2. Visit every service area that you are “responsible” for this Sunday and say “thank you.”

3. Send birthday cards.

4. Every time a volunteer serves, send a “what to expect” email three or four days before.

5. Assign some people to spend time with new volunteers on the first weekend they serve with you.

6. Take time out during the message to brag about how amazing your volunteers are.

7. Get to know what’s happening in your volunteers’ personal lives.

8. Make sure there is enough work for volunteers to do when they arrive … don’t waste their time!

9. Food … always have a meal available before or after they serve.

10. Make it easy for your team leaders to send regular thank you notes to their team members.

11. At the end of every “shift,” take time to hear what the volunteers think could be improved on for the future.

12. Open up leadership development opportunities for volunteers to advance in the church.

13. Don’t impose new policies and procedures without at least talking them through with your team.

14. Throw parties regularly.

15. Write letters of reference for students volunteering with you.

16. Read “impact emails” that you get about how great your church is to your team.