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How Should Pastors Handle Church Problems?

Every church has problems.

Because the church is comprised of people, we will have problems to deal with periodically. Therefore, I want to suggest these things to help you deal with problems when they arise in your church:

1. Be biblical.

Handle the problem in a biblical way.

Take a biblical approach to bringing resolution to the problem, which usually involves confronting the problem, not ignoring it.

Be careful listening to the voices of other people so much that you fail to listen to God’s voice through the Scripture. As a pastor, you are to always remind your leadership and staff of the biblical approach. If you do not, perhaps no one else will.

2. Exhibit leadership.

When a problem arises that affects the fellowship of the church, it has now become a problem for you.

As a pastor, you oversee the fellowship. No one else has been called to this leadership. You cannot will problems away or sweep them under the carpet; you have to be the one to lead through them biblically and strongly. Therefore, you must get to the root of the problem so you can lead through it biblically.

3. Gather your leadership.

When a problem rises up in the church, gather a team of leaders that can walk through it with you.

If you are in a smaller membership church, this means that you must gather your lay-leaders that can walk with you through the problem. You need their input, support, and prayer. They can also help bring balance to your perspective.

If you are in a larger membership church, certain members of your staff team can walk through the problem with you. Depending on the problem and the way your church is governed, you may also need to gather lay-leaders to walk with you. If nothing else, informing them can be helpful in the long term.