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21 Things You Might Not Know About Your Pastor & Family

15. He wears the same clothes all the time for several years because he cannot afford new ones.

16. His most feared question is, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?”

17. He loves to hear about your trip to Hawaii unless his wife is around.

18. If he seems defensive often, he is probably being attacked a lot.

19. He is human and wrestles with how to reconcile his humanity with your expectations.

20. He knows that most marriage counseling will end in the couple leaving the church.

21. His kids have never heard dad say “maybe tomorrow” to you like he has said it to them hundreds of times.

I know these don’t apply to every pastor, but I am interested in what you think. If you are or were a pastor, pastor’s kid or pastor’s spouse, what would you add to this list about pastor life?

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