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12 Signs of Mediocrity in a Church

9. Lack of vision. Church vision statements are common—but so are the leaders and laypersons who don’t know their church’s vision. Churches that are not driven by a compelling, oft-stated vision are frequently stuck in the mediocrity of yesterdays.

10. Little attention to the nations. I admit my biased interest in reaching the world, but I am only reporting what I have seen: Churches that do not have a global passion tend to be inwardly focused and self-protective. They seldom push themselves beyond the comfort of their norm.

11. No new workers in place. When all the church workers are the same ones who have worked for years (even when they’re excellent workers), something is amiss. The church may have seen no growth, or they may have no plan in place to move new members into ministry. Eventually, a lack of new workers will lead to tired workers who cannot give their best in every area of service.

12. Lack of “healthy chaos.” The healthiest churches I know are continually evaluating and stretching themselves while deeply holding to the Word and the truth of the gospel. A bit of chaos is the norm. Stagnation, on the other hand, is mediocrity lived out.

What other signs of mediocrity have you seen?