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6 Indicators That You Are Not Ready for Leadership

6 Indicators That You Are Not Ready for Leadership

Just because someone desires to lead, doesn’t mean they are ready to lead.

We all know those who tried to step into leadership roles without understanding what it means to truly lead others. And the outcome was unfortunate.

These men and women end up frustrated, disappointed and embarrassed.

So are you leadership-ready? Here six indicators that you may need to postpone accepting a leadership role:

  1. You think it is about you. The great leaders know that it is not about them. It is about their team. Their success is found in helping their team members find success.
  1. You think that position equals leadership. The great leaders aren’t concerned about their title. A title may give you authority, but it doesn’t always give you influence. Leaders are more concerned about influence than title.
  1. You believe that yelling louder works. This is a symptom of #2. Yelling may be effective in the short-term. But it rarely provides long-term results. Influence provides long-term results.
  1. You can’t delegate. The best leaders desire to empower, not hinder. Young leaders tend to struggle with delegation. Here are a few reasons why.
  1. You don’t trust anyone. Trusting in your own ability is easy. But this is not leadership. Leadership requires trusting in another’s ability.
  1. You don’t follow well. The best leaders are the best followers. A leader will struggle to lead if he or she doesn’t understand what it means to follow.

We can all find areas in which to improve. And if you find yourself relating to these indicators, taking on leadership responsibility is still possible. But it might not be best to take it on right now.

Take some time to improve in these six areas, and make yourself better prepared to be a steward of people.

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