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Hurting Pastors – 11 Pains of Being a Pastor

hurting pastors
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Thirty-six years ago at this time of year, I was talking with a search committee as I considered my first local church pastorate. I was so pumped that I’m sure I was obnoxious around my family and friends. Nobody except a pastor can fully understand the excitement that comes with a first pastorate. What I didn’t know then, though, was that the pastorate often brings its own types of pain capable of hurting pastors:

Hurting Pastors – 11 Pains of Being a Pastor

1. Some marriages at which you officiate won’t make it.

You pray not and work hard in premarital counseling to counter that possibility, but it happens.

2. Some nonbelievers with whom you share the gospel won’t listen.

The pain is great when nonbelievers just keep rejecting the good news.

3. Some of the seemingly godliest people you know will fall into sin.

I’ve done this work a long time, and I’m still shocked at times. The enemy leaves no one off his radar.

4. Some church members will get mad and leave.

The first time it happened in my ministry, I was defeated for weeks. It still hurts when it happens.

5. Some spiritual heroes will let you down.

No one intends for it to happen, but even our long-term heroes are still human.

6. Some staffing situations won’t work out.

That’s when you’re reminded that because you’re a leader, your decisions affect marriages and families. Letting someone go, especially in our ministry world that preaches grace, is seldom easy.

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