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7 Ways to Preach Boring Sermons (Please Don’t Do These)

7 Ways to Preach Boring Sermons (Please Don't Do These)

Anyone can get up in front of a congregation and deliver a killer sermon, right?

Not exactly. If you’re a pastor or leader who has to get up in front of your people week in and week out to try to deliver God’s word in a creative and clear way, I got mad props for you.

While I appreciate those of you who do this, there are still so many of us who struggle to create interesting sermons on the regular. Like it or not, we live in a media saturated world. The constant bombardment of media has turned us into impatient and highly expectant people. The entertainment industry continues to step up their game and people expect us to be on point with our communication.

Below are several ways you can bore your congregation, small group or ministry to death. Hopefully, you can avoid these in the future and begin to wow people with your sermons!

1 – Read From Your Slides

Want to really bore your audience? Turn your back on them and read from the PowerPoint slides on the screen. After all, your congregation probably can’t read anyway?

2 – Make an Unbearably Long Introduction

Nothing screams “Get me out of here” like hearing your pastor speak for 20 minutes and then say…“OK, lets get into the message.”

3 – Read Too Much Scripture

Read too much scripture? Is that a real thing? I’m glad you asked. If you want to read the first five chapters of who begat who, go for it. Don’t make your audience sit there and listen to it. Use key verses to fit the story. Unless you want everyone to start thinking about their lunch plans, please don’t read chapters at a time!

4 – Keep Your Voice Exactly the Same

You just might be the smartest person in the room, that doesn’t mean people don’t want to feel your excitement. Want people to disconnect from what you’re saying? Keep your volume and disposition at the exact same level.

5 – Make It Complicated

People will remember your 86 bullet points, right?

6 – Avoid Humor at All Costs

This is church. There is no place for jokes and funny business. Make the sermon experience a little more painful for your audience by never…I mean never never…making them laugh.

7 – Don’t Be on Time

People in your community have absolutely nothing to do. People never work on Sundays. That clock in the back of the auditorium is simply there as a reference point. If you’re looking to turn the audience against you, forget your time limit and ask them to stay for just 30 more minutes. If they love Jesus, they will!

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