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Don’t Do Stupid – The Top 4 Acts of Stupidity That Get Pastors Fired

3. Financial stupidity.

A church credit card can be very helpful. A church credit card can be very dangerous. Don’t even think about putting a personal charge on your credit card. And don’t say you read the book Never Eat Alone to justify having a meal on the church every day. If you have any doubt about a financial matter, err on the side of total caution.

4. Social media madness.

I am sorry, pastors, but social media is not a place for you to vent, to get into political battles, or to join a bandwagon of critics. There is simply no upside to such madness. Avoid sarcastic and bombastic comments. Don’t take on a church member on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t be the constant critic. And never, ever, ever make unsavory or sexual comments. And if you think it’s unfair that you can’t do what others do, get another job. The office of pastor, and other church leadership positions as well, demand you demonstrate total integrity. Somewhere I read you are to be above reproach.

Pastors and other church leaders: don’t do stupid. You have enough bullets being fired by critics and bullies. Don’t do stupid: you certainly don’t need self-inflicted wounds. It will almost always get you in trouble.

And if it’s one of the big four above, it will probably get you fired.

So please: don’t do stupid.


This article Don’t Do Stupid originally appeared here and is used by permission.