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Five Signs Your Church Is Becoming Irrelevant

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Do you have a relevant church?

Any idea how you’d answer that accurately?

You can debate how important relevance is all day long (and many do), but the truth is irrelevant churches make almost no impact on the community around them.

Why is that?

Because relevance determines impact—that’s why.

Relevance gains you a hearing. It determines whether or not people pay attention to you or whether they ignore you.

By all accounts, most churches appear to be losing relevance.

Before you push back, just because the Gospel is always relevant doesn’t mean you are.

Even growing churches can lose relevance. Your past success doesn’t guarantee your future success.

In fact, as we’ve discussed here more than a few times, the great enemy of your future success is your current success because your success makes you conservative.

When you had nothing to lose, change was easy. Now that you have something to lose, change is that much harder.

Signs You Don’t Have a Relevant Church

So whether your church has no momentum or whether it’s losing steam, here are five signs you do not have a relevant church.

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