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21 Funny Church Signs Even Jesus Would Laugh At

funny church signs

Churches have to be creative these days to boost attendance. There are several churches that are trying clever remarks and pithy comments to compel visitors to come. These funny church signs range from clever, to punny, to flirting with offense. They will assure you the creative spirit is alive and well in Christ’s church.

Whichever way you look at them, though, you have to hand it to the sign guy or gal. They certainly are thinking outside the box!

21 Funny Church Signs

This one was obviously written by the associate pastor


Whoa. So deep.


Correction: The church does not kill people.


No one can accuse this church of false advertising.

This one really pushes the boundaries on being relevant…

What a relief that will be!

Seriously, though, just come already.

They’re not wrong…


In your face, devil!

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