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Run 4 Experiments This Summer to Help Find Changes in the Church This Fall

You need to ensure that your team is being a good steward of that meeting time.
The meeting culture in your church is like a garden; sometimes you need to pull out the weeds in certain areas and sometimes you need to add a little fertilizer to others. There are meetings that you probably need to get rid of altogether or maybe there are other meetings you need to do more of. The summer season is a good time to try changes in the church because your team is often in flux with vacations and other commitments.

Try These 3 Experimental Changes in the Church and See What Happens

Make Every Meeting Optional – Seriously, tell people they don’t have to come to any meeting and see what happens. Get your leaders on board for ensuring the work of the church still gets done but make it evident that people aren’t “required” to come to any meeting. You might be surprised what your leaders do to ensure that people show up.

Cut Every Regular Meeting in Half – What would happen if you only had 50 percent of the time to complete the regular meetings every week? Would the work still get done or would the wheels come flying off the church? We did this a few years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised that our productivity went up, not down!

Try Remote Meetings – What if your team wasn’t all located in the same town? Try some meetings using remote collaboration tools like Zoom or Slack. We often only envision the work of the church being done by people who are in the same building as us. However, considering the potential to take some of your functions to a remote team can open up all kinds of interesting possibilities for the future of your organization.


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