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10 Thoughts on Christians and Halloween

Christians and Halloween

10 Thoughts on Christians and Halloween

I have studied spiritual warfare for many years, so you might assume that I strongly encourage believers to avoid anything related to Halloween. That’s not exactly the position I take, as seen below:

  1. Believers who participate in Halloween may do so, but with caution. My primary concern is that we sometimes numb ourselves to evil when we dress like demons, ghosts, death, etc. There’s nothing inherently wrong, though, with wearing a costume. We simply must be wise in these decisions.
  2. Handing out candy is not a poor choice. Greeting neighbors on the porch can, in fact, be an open door to developing relationships. People are coming to you, so take advantage of the opportunity. Just don’t be stingy with the candy…
  3. If you give out candy, consider also providing something else (like hot chocolate) to promote conversations. Engage parents and grandparents who stop for something to drink while their kids get candy. Those conversations can lead to long-term opportunities for evangelism.
  4. If you give out tracts, be sure to give out candy, too. I’d probably say something like, “Here’s some candy, and here’s a great story to read as well.” Then trust the kids to enjoy the candy and the Holy Spirit to do something with the Word.
  5. Churches that offer alternatives need to do it really well. Whether it’s a Harvest Celebration or a Fall Festival, do it up big. Make the community want to come to your event. Budget and plan appropriately.
  6. Believers might open their homes to have a party on the same day. If you’re worried about not participating in Halloween night, plan another party in your home. Invite a few families. Have fun. Eat candy. Encourage your friends to join you at church.
  7. Parents might consider teaching their kids generosity on Halloween. Instead of roaming the neighborhood collecting candy, maybe you and your family can take fruit and candy to a children’s home or a homeless shelter. Your kids can still have candy later on, and they’ll learn about giving.
  8. When you give candy, whisper a prayer for each taker. My guess is that you will pray for some kids for whom nobody else has been praying. Only God knows how much each child needs a prayer covering.
  9. If your Christian conscience tells you “no” about Halloween, trust your heart. You have to be able to rest at night knowing you followed the Lord’s direction as you understood it.
  10. Be respectful of those who differ with your position. There is likely room to disagree on this issue and still be brothers and sisters in Christ.

I know this topic is a controversial one. Let me know your thoughts.

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