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Carey Neiuwhof: 5 Surprising Truths About the Enneagram Tritype Test

5 Surprising Truths About the Enneagram and Your Leadership Potential

So many leaders have asked me about the Enneagram tritype test. And while I’m a little late to the Enneagram bandwagon, after reading The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile, I now totally get what the fuss is all about. If you haven’t read the book, done the Enneagram test and don’t know your Enneagram number, here’s a link to the test that will help you discover more about your natural personality type.

So…what’s the big deal about the Enneagram tritype test?

Well, like a Myers Briggs or Strengthfinders assessment, it helps you discover your natural personality type, which in the world of leadership, means your default approach to leadership (and life). It’s another key to self-awareness, but also to an awareness of how everyone else on your team (or personally, even in your family) is wired.

For convenience’s sake, here’s a list of the nine Enneagram personality types:

Type One – The Perfectionist

Type Two – The Helper

Type Three – The Performer

Type Four – The Romantic

Type Five – The Investigator

Type Six – The Loyalist

Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Type Eight – The Challenger

Type Nine – The Mediator

If you’re curious, it turns out I’m an Eight—a challenger (with a Seven-wing). But I almost scored as a One as well (a Perfectionist). Funny, because most friends guessed me as a Three or a Seven.