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Top 35 Pastor Conferences for 2019 in the U.S.

May 2019 Pastor Conferences

Orange Conference

For church staffs, re-imagine the potential you can have as one voice. Our many communicators bring unique insight and real-life experience to lead you to realign your team, increase your influence, and communicate more clearly with one end in mind.

Dates: May 1-3, 2019
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Sponsored by: The reThink Group
Speakers: Reggie Joiner, Danielle Strickland, Ryan Leak, Bob Goff, Kara Powell, Doug Fields, and more

Thrive Leadership Conference

Are you ready to be recharged in your ministry and leadership? We know you give a lot of yourself to others. Now, it’s your turn to receive. Our goal at Thrive Conference is to make you feel appreciated, loved, encouraged and motivated. We strive to connect us all more closely with the One who is the ultimate source of inspiration and power.

Dates: May 2-3, 2019
Location: Granite Basy, California
Sponsored by: Thrive Conferences
Speakers: Bob Goff, Chris Brown, Albert Tate, Ray Johnston, and more


LIFT is a time to gather together to learn, grow, and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the restraints of leading others. These days will include main sessions with teaching and worship, as well as breakouts ranging from leading worship to production to other creative themes and topics.

Dates: May 10-11, 2019
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Sponsored by: Passion
Speakers: Louie Giglio, Christine Caine, Trip Lee, and Tauren Wells

United Pastors Network

UPN provides an atmosphere to build healthy, strong, enduring, and enriching ministry relationships with pastors, leaders, and teams of all sizes and backgrounds. Through dynamic sessions, we encourage personal and ministry development that leads to the interaction, inspiration, and exchange of ideas and ministry practices.

Dates: May 20-22, 2019
Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland
Sponsored by: Church of the Redeemer
Speakers: None listed yet

June 2019 Pastors Conferences

SBC Pastors’ Conference

The theme for the 2019 Pastors’ Conference is “Kingdom Character” and will focus on the Beatitudes. Today’s news cycle and current events require us to consider what it means to live faithfully as Christians and as pastors. The Beatitudes will be a needed reminder to all of us about the character of Christ-followers. Our conduct grows out of our character and in order to be the people of God advancing the Kingdom of God, we need to have Kingdom character.

Dates: June 9-10, 2019
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Sponsored by: Southern Baptist Convention
Speakers: Andrew Brunson, Dhati Lewis, Ben Mandrell, Russell Moore, David Platt, and more

2019 Barth Pastors Conference

The 2019 Annual Karl Barth Conference will be hosted by the Center for Barth Studies from June 16-19, 2019 on the campus of Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Fifty years from Barth’s own death and on the centenary of the publication of the Römerbrief, the conference takes as its theme, “The Finality of the Gospel: Karl Barth and the Tasks of Eschatology”. Our central purpose is to consider how fresh encounters with various aspects of Karl Barth’s dogmatic theology and biblical exegesis might stimulate, inform, shape, and challenge contemporary reflection on the range of eschatological themes in Christian theology. Plenary papers from leading theologians and biblical scholars from North America and Europe will be supplemented by the contributions of other scholars to be offered in two concurrent sessions during the conference.

Dates: June 16-19, 2019
Location: Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey
Sponsored by: The Center for Barth Studies
Speakers: John Barclay, Douglas Campbell, Christophe Chalamet, Nancy Duff, Susan Eastman, Beverly Gaventa, and more

Amplify Conference

Our world is in desperate need of the gospel. Families are being torn apart, people are being marginalized, those in need are being turned away from refuge, Christians are holing up in their safety zones, contentious remarks overflow daily on social media, and all the while countless people, loved by God, are living without the hope of the gospel. We must ask ourselves, “Are we living each day with an urgency of reaching our world for Christ as we have been commanded?” Or have our hearts grown dull, tired, overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems, and the great task before us? This year’s theme, “Preoccupied by Love” calls us to give up what holds us back for the sake of others. It calls us to sacrifice from a deep sense of urgency as we look at the world around us—broken, hurting, and without the hope of a God who loves each person beyond measure.

Dates: June 25-26, 2019
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Sponsored by: Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
Speakers: CJ Rhodes, Alan Hirsch, Colin Smith, Sam Owusu, Dominique Dubois Gilliard, Jenny Yang, and more

July 2019 Pastor Conferences

GO 2019Every three years, Every Nation churches from around the world gather together for a time of vision clarity, relational connection, and leadership development. Join the celebration this summer!

Dates: July 15-19, 2019
Location: Orlando, Florida
Sponsored by: Every Nation
Speakers: Danielle Strickland, Dr. Rice Broocks, Bishop Ef Tendero, Brett Fuller, and more

Vineyard National Conference

We are extending an invitation to you – and everyone you know – to be at this historic, Spirit-ministry-focused, two-location event in Dayton, OH and Denver, CO!

Dates: July 8-11 and 15-18, 2019
Location: Dayton, Ohio (July 8-11) and Denver, Colorado (July 15-18)
Sponsored by: Vineyard USA
Speakers: Mike Pilavachi, Debby Wright, Jay Pathak, and more

August 2019 Pastor Conferences

The Global Leadership Summit

Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you. The Global Leadership Summit is proud to bring you a high-quality local experience at our Premier Host Sites. On Thursday-Friday, August 8-9 the Summit is simulcast live in HD from the sold-out Willow Creek campus to more than 700 satellite locations nationwide.

Dates: August 8-9, 2019
Location: Multiple Locations
Sponsored by: Willow Creek Association
Speakers: Announced June 2019

September 2019 Pastor Conferences

For The Church Conference

The For The Church National Conference is a vital part of Midwestern Seminary and College’s aim to train ministry leaders for the magnification of God through the building up of the local church. This is the reason For The Church exists. We pray this two-day event will be a time of refreshing and rejoicing for you and your ministry team.

Dates: September 23-24, 2019
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Sponsored by: Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Speakers: J.D. Greear, Crawford Loritts, Tony Merida, and more

Gateway Conference

The Gateway Conference desires to share practical wisdom for cultivating real growth by nurturing true and biblical health in the spiritual community of the local church. We want to share these principles because we desire to do everything in our power to build God’s kingdom through His local church.

Dates: September 30-October 1, 2019
Location: South Lake, Texas
Sponsored by: Gateway Church
Speakers: Robert Morris, Samuel Rodriguez, Jimmy Evans, Mark Driscoll, and Tim Ross

October 2018 Pastor Conferences

Outreach Summit 2019

The Outreach Summit is unlike any other church leader conference. Only at The Summit will you meet and hear from the pastors of the most innovative and fastest growing churches in America. God is doing something great in these churches to reach people for Christ and The Summit provides you a unique opportunity to learn and ask questions. The Summit will also include very practical sessions and workshops on outreach, social media, communication, evangelism, assimilation and much more. You will come away with fresh new ideas and practical tools that you can apply in your church.

Dates: October 1-3, 2019
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sponsored by: Outreach
Speakers: To be determined based on the 100 Fastest Growing Churches for 2019

The Art & Science of Spiritual Formation

The modern world presents Christians in general and pastors in particular with many profound and complex questions related to a biblical vision of and for technology. The rate of technological advancement in human culture has accelerated significantly in the last 200 years, and then accelerated again in the past 20. How should Christians think about smartphones? Artificial intelligence? Genetic technologies? Multi-site church? Virtual reality? Contraceptive technology? Social media? The 2019 CPT Conference will seek to address these questions through the lenses of biblical wisdom, the historical Christian tradition, modern sociology, and ministry praxis. We invite you to join us.

Dates: October 14-16, 2019
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Sponsored by: The Center for Pastor Theologians
Speakers: Dan Brendsel, Andy Crouch, Charlie Dates, Joel Lawrence, Karen Swallow Prior, and Felicia Wu Song

Shepherds 360 Church Leaders Conference 

The Shepherds 360 Conference enables professional development for church leaders through networking and Bible teaching that encourages them in the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges of church ministry. This year’s theme is “Communicating Truth,” with the intention of focusing on our responsibility and commitment as church leaders to uphold, expound, defend and deliver God’s Word. The impact on church leaders through this conference is staggering: many church leaders and pastors feel that they have found a “home” or a like-minded group of “friends” that they can network with and fellowship with throughout the year. Our overall goal is to provide encouragement, information, tools, and fellowship.

Dates: October 21-23, 2019
Location: Raleigh, NC
Sponsored By: Shepherds Theological Seminary
Speakers: Bruce Ware, Albert Mohler, Erwin Lutzer, Stephen Davey, Thom Rainer, Jared C. Wilson, and more

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