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10 Things That Ain’t Church (Thoughts on Decreased Church Attendance)

3 Questions Regarding Decreased Church Attendance

If you find your church attendance declining or evaporating, ask yourself:

  • Are my current patterns leading me to greater devotion to Jesus?
  • Am I serving, inviting, giving and helping to make new disciples?
  • Is this really about me, or is it about seeing the Kingdom of God flourish and expand around me?

If you’re a church leader, I hope this helped frame or at least spark some thinking on what’s happening around us, within us and in our culture.

In an era where everything has become hyper-individualist and hyper-convenient, it’s wonderful to get together and participate in something that inconveniences me, challenges me, stretches me, grows me, makes me uncomfortable and does something great for the world in the name of Jesus.

When the early church did just that, it changed not only millions of lives, it changed history.


We live in a fascinating time and moment in history. What are you sensing, learning and experiencing when it comes to decreased church attendance?


This article on decreased church attendance originally appeared here.

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