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7 Ways to Enjoy Your Job When You Don’t Love It

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For last year’s Labor Day post, I wrote about “8 Reasons You Need to Thank God for Your Job Today.” I recognize, though, that being grateful for a job doesn’t always equal enjoying that job. So, this year I’m offering suggestions for enjoying your job even when you don’t love it.

  1. Pray for God to bless your day before it ever begins. Sometimes, we get so frustrated at our jobs that we don’t even think about praying about them. I can tell you from experience, though, that you’ll find your job more enjoyable if you pray about it before you face its difficulties.
  2. Always watch for opportunities to be a Christian witness among your co-workers. At a minimum, you can share with them your Christian testimony. Offer to pray for them when they’re facing tough times themselves. Ideally, you’ll find open doors to tell them how to become God’s children. When you’re always watching for these opportunities, you’ll enjoy your job more.
  3. If possible, do the least fun parts of your job early in the day. Do those things when you have the most energy, and then press on to do things you really like to do later in the day. A job’s more fun if you’re always looking forward to something you still get to do–so plan that way.
  4. Do something kind for a co-worker. As Christians, we’re to be hospitable people. We show God’s love when we surprisingly and sacrificially reach out to others, affirm their worth in God’s eyes, and serve them. You’ll look at your job differently if you minister to your co-workers.
  5. Take your breaks. Some of us get so focused on the task at hand that we work right through our allowable break times. Others of us don’t want to take time to stop, break, and re-start again in a few minutes–so we, too, ignore our breaks. What comes across as hard-working, though, can also make us weary in our job.
  6. Remember that your identity is not wrapped up in your work. At least, it shouldn’t be. As followers of Christ, we’re much more than employees who find our worth in our work. God deeply loves us. He grants us families and friends who love us. He places us in His church and allows us to use our gifts to serve Him. All of that’s a more significant part of our identity.
  7. Ask God to help you let go of your job when the workday’s ended. I say, “Ask God,” simply because many of us–starting with me–struggle here. If we can learn to let go of at least part of that burden, however, we’ll enjoy our jobs more.

Help us here–what do you do to help you enjoy a job you don’t love?

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