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7 Things My Workaholism Says About Me


In the past, I’ve addressed the important topic of workaholism among pastors—primarily because I’m a workaholic myself. I’ve addressed different issues, as the posts below indicate.

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What I haven’t considered enough is what my workaholism says about me. Frankly, the truths listed below have pushed me to re-think the structure of my life, and perhaps they will challenge you as well:

  1. I base my value on performance. I know I did that as a student, but I must admit I still do it as a professor. I haven’t yet grown so much to let go of my tendencies.
  2. I talk more about grace than live in it. Workaholism assumes that grace is not sufficient to receive God’s favor; instead, it’s works-based.
  3. I don’t deal well with failure. Some of us work continually because we believe that failure is not an option. Rather than at least give room to grow through failure, I work harder to avoid it.
  4. I allow comparison and competition to rule my thinking. Even if others never see that tendency in me, I know it’s there. I sometimes long for affirmation that others get.
  5. I don’t always pay attention to loved ones around me. That is, I don’t always hear well when Pam lets me know that I’m too busy. The people who know me best see my workaholism before I do.
  6. I pay too little attention to the body God has given me. Health issues over the past year have forced me to get more rest. I just wish I had done that well before the physical toll has increased.
  7. I assume that God needs me. Theologically, I know better. Practically, however, my workaholism says, “If I don’t do it and do it well, God’s work will suffer.”

What does your workaholism say about you?

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