Found this quote a while back in 1 to 1 Magazine:

Strive for engagement, not loyalty.

If you want loyalty, get a dog! People are more likely to stay with a brand out of habit than out of loyalty, It’s less work than picking a new one. Unless another brand makes their choice irresistible.

– Randy Susan Wagner (Orbitz CMO)

It is my prayer that in the days to come our churches will be filled with leaders who are fully engaged with a vision, rather than just being loyal to it. Believe it or not, there is a major difference.

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Milan Ford has been a leader and a survivor of ministry within the local church for most of his life. A lover of Red Vines Licorice and all things pointing North, Milan is the author of 83 Things I Wish The Black Church Would Stop Doing, and is now currently preparing to release his second book, I Still Love Those Fries, the fall of 2011. Milan and his wife Imani are the proud parents of three children: Kayla, Aliyah, and Ethan.