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How to Tame the Tongue

Our words have a great deal of power. They have the potential to speak truth and life into another person and they also have the capacity to speak death and destruction. But it is not simply a choice of the will to speak life. Speaking life originates from the  health of the source of our words: the heart. Since our words eventually lead to some form action, the heart has a great influence on our words and actions.

The other day, I was reading in Matthew when Jesus says, “For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. I’ve always been fascinated by this. One verse earlier, Jesus says that it is impossible for anyone who is evil to say anything good. Maintaining the spiritual condition of our hearts is the most important factor in trying to tame the tongue and use it for good.

I remember taking a philosophy course in college. I really enjoyed it. It helped me learn how to think and to analyze problems logically. When studying logic, you learn how certain consequences are caused by specific actions. One such proof is called a hypothetical syllogism. Basically, it states: If A, then B. If B, then C. If A, then C.

One popular example:

 If it rains, we will not have a picnic.

If we don’t have a picnic, we will not need a picnic basket.

Therefore, if it rains, we will not need a picnic basket.

So looking at Jesus’ words in Matthew:

If my heart is pure, then my mouth will be pure.

If my mouth is pure, then my actions will be pure.

Therefore, if my heart is pure then my actions will be pure.

If your struggling with taming the tongue (as most people do) and you desire to speak truth and love  to those around you, look deeper than simply what your thinking about. Investigate the condition of your heart and ask God to reveal how to be more like Christ.