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Don’t Quit the Ministry Because You’re an Introvert

Whenever I post about my introversion, the introverts come out from behind their computer

I re-posted 7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Pastor and received numerous Twitter messages from like-wired pastors.

I also received the following email:

Ron I read you article about the pitfalls of Being an Introverted Pastor. I can so see every point in myself and it is compounded by being the pastor of a small country church who thrives on personal relationships. The aloof title has been attributed to me more than once since coming here. it is so bad I am questioning my calling as a senior pastor and wondering if I would not be better working as an associate behind the scenes. Do you have any advice for a struggling fellow introvert?

Pastor ________

(I asked permission to share the email, but obviously withheld the name.)

Here is my reply:

You might read this post: 7 Ways I Work with Introversion to Protect My Ministry. Basically, I think you have to pray, suck it up, and put your extrovert on each Sunday. I know that’s hard advice, but it was given to me by a dear, wise deacon early in my ministry and I’ve been using it ever since.

I wouldn’t negate your calling because of your wiring. God didn’t let Gideon or Moses have that excuse. That one would be too easy! :)

By the way, I may use your email (without your name) as another blog post on this topic, since it’s such a popular theme. We don’t struggle alone.


Dear Introverted pastor! (Or dear whatever your personal struggle that keeps you from feeling completely qualified to be a pastor pastor),

Don’t allow your personality or any other weakness to keep you from doing what God has called you to do. Where you are weakest, God’s glory can shine brightest in your life.

Be honest. What’s one weakness that keeps you knowing you need God’s strength to overcome?