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Strong Leaders Ask Good Questions: Here's How

There is an ongoing joke with the people nearest me about my “spiritual gift” of asking questions. I love asking questions and the learning that comes along with it.

I am curious. About everything. All of the time.

I have way more questions than you have answers for or time to entertain.

If you are around me long enough, you’ll be subject to my random questions and come to either find it endearing or annoying, or perhaps both!

If you were to drop into a Renovatus staff meeting on a Tuesday morning, you’d likely witness our team with index cards in front of them answering 5 questions I just threw out to them related to the topic I’m speaking from.

There are many things about leading a team and running a church that do not come naturally to me. I’m not very strategic. I’m not process driven.I’m not task minded. I like helping. I like keeping the peace. Nevertheless, here I am responsible for a lot of people and resources on a daily basis. Thankfully, the one thing that is instinctive for me is asking questions.

This got me thinking about how asking questions is a really valuable practice.

And because I like lists almost as much as I like questions, I decided to write down a few reasons why I think asking questions is incredibly important and healthy:

1.  Shows honor & concern

When someone asks you a question about yourself or for your perspective, it’s validating.  It communicates respect, interest, and care.  We live in a wildly individualistic, egocentric world.  It is countercultural and perhaps even counterintuitive to take the time to look someone in the eyes and ask them a meaningful question.

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Tracey is the Executive Pastor at Renovatus Church in Charlotte, NC.