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The Hard Work of Living for Your Dream

God made people with a remarkable creative capacity. He designed you and I in his own image, and in doing so, he imparted the creative spark. It’s the reason that we love new things. It’s the reason that we are happiest when we are ‘producing’ as opposed to simply going to the shopping mall and living life as a consumer. It’s the principle reason that we often experience times of boredom.

Boredom is the whisper of God in your life trying to convince you that you were made for more.

This is why it’s so important that we all live life from a place of dreaming, vision, and imagination. Dreams, vision, and imagination are all essential components of being creative, prophetic people–people who are able to bring the unseen realm into the present.

A couple of things about living from dreams:

Dreams are seeds.
Dreams are seeds. They are not the tree, and they are certainly not the fruit. When we get a dream or a vision for our life from God, we are seeing the tree and we are seeing the fruit, but we are getting the seed. There is power and potential in the seed, but it’s just a seed.

Seeds take time.
Seeds don’t sprout instantly. Even germination takes a while. And once the seed has sprouted, it could be weeks, months, or even years for that seed to mature and become a plant capable of producing fruit. Likewise, your dreams are going to take time. Probably a lot of time. Malcolm Gladwell says 10,000 hours, to be specific.

Growing is hard.
Seeds have to push through the soil, which always contains a mixture of rocks and nutrient. The first thing to grow is always the root, which is unseen, and then, finally, a tender shoot emerges from the dirt.