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One Pastor’s Humble Prayer Before Preaching

prayer before preaching
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Ordained to the ministry in 1980 (Salvation Army) Bob and his wife helped to co-found Cobblestone Community Church in Oxford, Ohio. He served that church in leadership and teaching pastor roles from 2000-2011. In his vast pastoral experience he has helped pastors in many aspects of the lives, included this prayer before preaching.

One Pastor’s Humble Prayer Before Preaching

Dear Lord, you have sent me into this world to preach your word. So often, the problems of the world seem so complex and intricate that your word strikes me as embarrassingly simple. Many times, I feel tongue-tied in the company of people who are dealing with the world’s social and economic problems.

But you, O Lord, said, ‘Be clever as serpents and innocent as doves.’ Let me retain innocence and simplicity in the midst of this complex world. I realize that I have to be informed, that I have to study the many aspects of the problems facing the world, and that I have to try to understand as well as possible the dynamics of contemporary society. But what really counts is that all this information, knowledge and insight allow me to speak more clearly and unambiguously your truthful word. Do not allow evil powers to seduce me with the complexities of the world’s problems, but give me the strength to think clearly, speak freely and act boldly in your service.

Give me the courage to show the dove in a world so full of serpents. Amen. 


This article about on prayer before preaching originally appeared here, and is used by permission.