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The Bible Project’s ‘Gospel of Luke’ Tells Us Jesus Came to Turn the World Upside Down

The Bible Project's 'Gospel of Luke' Tells Us Jesus Came to Turn the World Upside Down

The masterminds behind the Bible Project offer a 5-minute video detailing the birth of Jesus, according to the Gospel of Luke. If you only learn one thing from Luke’s narrative, learn this: Jesus came to turn the world order upside down.

After investigating many of the eye witnesses of Jesus’s birth, Luke gives us a more-detailed version of the story than the other gospels. We know that Mary was a lowly, no-name girl living in a lesser-known area of Israel (Nazareth) when she was told the impossible was going to be conceived inside her. Not only was this miraculous, but the idea of such a poor girl playing such a big part in God’s coming to earth was unheard of.

Fast forward to the shepherds seeing angels and learning of Jesus’s birth. Once again, we see people low on the social totem pole thrust into the forefront of the most amazing story the world has ever seen. This is a consistent theme with Jesus: Even during his first moments on earth, Jesus chose the marginalized, the poor, the lowly and humble, to be the stars of his story.

As the video explains, “God’s Kingdom was first revealed in these dirty places among the poor. Because Jesus is here to bring salvation by turning our world order upside down.”

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