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Spoken Word Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Evil May Touch Our Bodies, But Not Our Dreams

Spoken Word on Martin Luther King Jr.

A social movement of any significance cannot occur without the power of words.  When someone effectively uses words to paint a vision of what can be, then others will feel like they have to get involved.  There may not be a better example of this in American history than the civil rights champion, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  To this day King’s words continue to speak truth to power and have left an important legacy of racial equality.

This month marked the 50-year anniversary of King’s assassination that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee. Isaac Adams has created a Spoken Word piece to commemorate the occasion.  In this video published by the Gospel Coalition, Adams artistically addresses important themes that spill out of the life and words of this great civil rights leader.  Themes such as:

Dreams, without touching anything can touch millions of people

King’s dream was found in the seed of love and justice

Though laws could keep the negro from voting, nothing can keep the negro from dreaming

The image of God in man gives that person dignity to love and to live

Championing peoples’ dignity to live might cause others to die for that dignity

The dreamer’s body may have laid dead from a bullet but never the dream itself

Because Christ is alive we know that someday racism will be completely dead