Swag Seminary: Learn to Preach the Gospel While Looking Relevant

Did Your Pastor Attend Swag Seminary?

Pastors don’t HAVE to go to seminary, but many choose that option because they believe seminary offers a great opportunity to be better equipped to proclaim God’s Word, shepherd God’s people, and counsel hurting saints. But not all seminaries offer the same type of education.

If you know of a person who is considering furthering his or her theological education but lacks a little… umm… coolness, then John Crist and Aaron Chewning would like to introduce you to Swag Seminary.

This seminary will come alongside you and offer the following:

• Protect you from wearing boot cut khakis

• Teach you how to have a “running man”; “mannequin” or “Pokémon Go” challenge at       your church

• How to teach a series like “Screen Shot It: Snapchats of Jesus”

• Know when and when not to check in to a place on social media

• Create a personal fitness plan that utilizes non-denominational multi-vitamins; Groschel    Gummies; and (if you really want to get beefy) Furtick Food.

• Connect you with a stylist to overhaul your whole sense of fashion as well as creating a hairstyle with a distinct cut-in part

Now accepting applications!

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