The Parting of the Red Sea: A Foreshadowing of the Gospel

The Parting of the Red Sea and the Gospel

The Bible is filled with accounts of God moving miraculously in the lives of His people. Within the pages of the Old Testament, one miracle rises above them all: The parting of the Red Sea. This historical moment whereby God delivers His people from Egyptian slavery is breath taking in scope. God sends plagues of warning, parts the waters of a whole sea, enables His people to walk through on dry land, and then victoriously closes the waters upon the Egyptian soldiers. What can get lost about this miraculous intervention is how the parting of the Red Sea parallels the good news of Jesus. The following video from the J.T. English, a pastor at the Village Church, helps us make that connection.

When a disciple of Jesus comes into the water for baptism, that person is recalling that event where God redeemed His people through the water of the Red Sea. Just as the ancient Israelites were suffering under the enslavement of the Egyptians, we as Christians were also enslaved to our flesh and to Satan himself. As God rose up Moses to redeem the Hebrew people out of bondage, God also sent His very Son to redeem His people out of their sinfulness. The waters that crushed God’s enemy in the Red Sea event also points to Jesus vanquishing His enemies by His cross and resurrection. Lastly, we who are in Christ are able to enjoy our eternal inheritance as blood-bought sons and daughters of God just as the ancient Hebrews were ultimately able to enjoy the inheritance of a new land.

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